What You Need To Know About Website Hosting

You must get a highly reputable web host if you want your business to thrive online. At first glance, finding one seems challenging, but several different companies provide these services. If you want your website to be accessible constantly and always up, you must choose a terrific web hosting company. Failing to do this may lead to you losing customers and potential clients.

What You Need To Know About Website Hosting
What You Need To Know About Website Hosting

Webhosting Options

Web hosting can be divided into many different categories; however, your choice should be based on your website and its requirements. There are four main choices: shared hosting, virtual hosting, dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, and colocation hosting. Virtual hosting is the most popular, followed by dedicated server hosting.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Server

An example of shared hosting is when several websites are hosted on the same server. It is very economical to host this kind of website because the cost for usage of the server is divided amongst many users. On the other hand, a dedicated server enables a company to own a server that is exclusively it’s own. 

A managed or unmanaged server is available for this option, which is the most expensive. An unmanaged server will be the responsibility of the individual using it to set up and maintain it. Unmanaged websites are set up and maintained by the hosting company.

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Points to Consider

Choosing the right category and company to host your server for your website will also depend on a few factors in website hosting. The things you need to consider are your webspace, bandwidth, visibility, technical support, etc.

Web Space:  Depending on your website’s purpose, a space of about 50MB may be sufficient if you are offering information about the services you offer. With an e-commerce system, however, you may need up to 1GB if you will be selling different products.

Visibility: Associated with the length of time that your website will stay online, this is generally expressed in percentages. The best website hosting company should ensure that at least 99.7% of its servers are online.

Bandwidth:  Specifically, this refers to the data you transfer from your website. This includes your banners, images, graphic details, and the files you make available for download. You should first determine how much bandwidth you need by thoroughly understanding the type of content you will be displaying.

Technical Support: This is a crucial consideration when choosing your web hosting company, especially if you don’t have much technical knowledge. Support must also be available within a day of choosing a company.

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