How to Use Alexa to Make House Guests Feel More at Home – Great initiation by a property owner

Here are five ways Alexa can help you make your guests feel more at home, whether you run an Airbnb, have someone watch your house while you’re away, or have guests over for the weekend.

How to Use Alexa to Make House Guests Feel More at Home
How to Use Alexa to Make House Guests Feel More at Home

Take Advantage Use Alexa Skill Blueprints

With a handful of templates provided, Alexa Skill Blueprints provide a way for anyone to design their own Alexa Skill. One template is specifically designed for hosting guests at your home.

We have a guide that explains how Alexa Skill Blueprints work. After that, anything is possible.

In the “Houseguest” template, you can include all sorts of information, including where things are in the house, how to do something, and who to contact in case of an emergency.

Make it Easy to Control Smarthome Devices when you use Alexa

If Alexa controls your smart home gadgets, you should make sure your guests know how to use them, and the best approach is to make them easy to use so they can learn right away.

When adding smart home devices to Alexa, ensure their names are spelled correctly. When you add a smart plug to Alexa, it will be named “Smart Plug” by default. The Smart Plug can be turned on by simply asking Alexa, “Alexa, turn on the Smart Plug.”

The smart plug could be controlled by simply saying, “Alexa, turn on the space heater” (or whatever it does). You will need to enter the Alexa app and rename each smart home device to “space heater” or anything you like.

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Make Sure Guests Only Get Limited Access to use alexa

Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated setting on Echo devices for restricting access or preventing guests from using Alexa to do certain things. Still, there are a couple of other things that you can do to limit access and ensure guests can only choose what they can do.

Adding a voice purchasing PIN to Amazon will prevent guests from using Alexa to buy stuff with your credit card. You would get a new TV at your doorstep and a new charge on your credit report if you said, “Alexa, buy a Samsung smart TV.”.

Drop-In, calling, and messaging can also be disabled, so your guests won’t be able to call or message your contacts through your Echo.

In addition, disable any credit card-related skills, just like with voice purchases. Uber and Dominos are great, but you don’t need your guests to access these services unless, of course, you want them to order a ride or a pizza easily and are willing to pay for it.

For the most part, if your guests are friends and family that you trust, you don’t need to worry, but if you’re renting your place out on Airbnb, perhaps you’d be better off auditing the skills and services that are connected to Alexa so that no one can access your calendar.

Strategically Place Your Echo Devices while you use alexa

In reality, this is just a matter of making sure that you place your Echo devices where they make the most sense for your guests, such as in their bedrooms. Your guests cannot rely on Alexa if the device is not convenient to use.

In addition, you can place them in the kitchen, living room, and any other rooms where your guests may be use Alexa. Even a few Echo Dots here and there won’t break the bank, especially for Alexa users who don’t want to clutter their houses with multiple Echos.

As a result, your guests will have an easier time use Alexa, and once I started using Alexa more and more, it made sense to have more than one Echo in my home.

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