Top 5 things that Google Home Mini Can Do?

If you’re planning a family vacation or checking the status of your next flight, Google Home Mini makes it easier to find the travel information you need. Here are the Top 5 things that Google Home Mini Can Do?.

Top 5 things that Google Home Mini Can Do?
Top 5 things that Google Home Mini Can Do?

You can check flights or plan a vacation

Besides booking a hotel or finding things to do at your destination, you can ask Google Assistant for help in organizing essential details. To get information about existing flights, ask Google, “Is my flight on time? Or if you need a room booked at The Ned Hotel in London, tell Google “Hey Google, book me a room at The Ned Hotel”.

Organize your day

You can use Google Home Mini to schedule your day, get directions, check your calendar, etc.

You can manage your busy schedule with the assistance of Google Assistant, your new virtual assistant. Let Google take care of the rest. You can set alarms, check your shopping list, and call co-workers on the phone. Ask your smart speaker, “Hey, Google, what is my next meeting time?” or “How is the traffic?”.

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You can get information and answers

The Google Home Mini is the perfect answer to all your questions if you’ve wanted someone to answer all of them for you. Google Assistant can be used in the home to provide hands-free assistance and is Google’s answer to Amazon Alexa. One of its functions is to answer questions you might have. Answering daily questions “What time is it now?” or maintaining up-to-date knowledge about your favourite football team, Google Assistant continuously provides valuable information.

Easily control your smart home

There are many features of the powerful assistant, including making phone calls. But perhaps an essential feature of your Google Home Mini is that it can act as a hub for all of your smart home devices, helping to control them.

You can use your Google Home Mini smart speaker to control over 30,000 smart home devices, including TVs, remote controls, lights, appliances, plugs, etc. To use your Google Home device, you must first set it up in the app.

Locate your lost device

Do you ever lose your phone at home? You can find it with Google Home. The Google Home Mini is an excellent tool for finding misplaced devices, whether they’re in a pile of laundry, behind the couch or hiding in your gym bag. If you set up your Google Assistant beforehand, you’ll be able to ask it to call or ring your phone, even when it’s on silent.

You need to set up these steps so that Google Assistant on your Home Mini will ask for help finding your missing phone as soon as it is set up. Your phone will never go missing again with Google Assistant!

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