How to install an Android app you can’t find in the Play Store

Android users can easily find and download apps from the Google Play Store most of the time. However, because Android is available from other locations, it is different from iOS. The freedom offered by Android can be a great perk. Let’s see How to install an Android app you can’t find in the Play Store.

How to install an Android app you can’t find in the Play Store

Consider, for instance, trying to find an app that doesn’t exist in your region. Perhaps you’ve been eagerly awaiting an upcoming update to an app that hasn’t reached your device. Alternatively, if a recent update isn’t working for you, try finding an older version of the app.

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Start by following these steps.


Don’t download apps from anywhere other than the Play Store as often as you can. Although third-party apps are scanned by Android (and have been since 2013), the layers of protection are less thorough outside of the Play Store and the Play App. 

Therefore, adventurers are significantly more likely to encounter something shady if they venture into the wild.

You should only download from a third-party source if it’s a trustworthy one – and only when you need it.

Do you understand? Great. Let’s move forward.


  • Launch the APK Mirror app from your phone’s browser. The Android Police blog operates the market operated by the same people who run other unofficial Android app markets. Every app must be authentic, signed by the appropriate party, and verified before it can be published, and it only publishes apps from well-known Android developers. It is the most reputable platform outside the Play Store.
  • You can browse the app collection on the site or search for the app you want using the search box at the top.
  • You can see an app’s version number and release date if it has multiple versions. Next, tap the red “Download APK” button at the bottom of the “Download” header. Tap the version you want, then tap the file name (under the “Download” header).
  • Unknown apps will prompt you to authorize downloads and warn you of risks. Press “OK” to continue.


  • The confirmation of the complete download will appear in your notification panel. You can begin installation by tapping the notification.
  • It will prompt you to allow unidentified apps to be installed based on the version of Android you’re using – either system-wide if you’re using an older version of Android or for your browser only if you’re using Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher. You can activate it by tapping the “Settings” link in that box.
  • Once you press the Back button, you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to install the app. You can build the app from scratch or update an existing one. Choose “Install.”
  • A confirmation screen will appear after the installation. If you find the app icon in your app drawer, you can open it from that screen.

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