How to clean mouse pad- Its easy and hygienic

In the same way as your keyboard and mouse, mousepads get dirty and need to be cleaned. In addition to looking gross, a dirty mousepad may also make tracking and movement less accurate. Find out how to clean one.

How to clean mouse pad
How to clean mouse pad

How to Clean Mouse pad made of Rubber & Plastic

It’s surprisingly easy to clean a rubber or plastic-coated mousepad. The most common method for removing grime and oil is to use a damp cloth, though a small amount of dish soap can also help.There are many benefits which are derived from clean mouse pad.

After that, the surface can be dried with a clean, soft cloth so that you can play again. In the case of a fabric mousepad, you may want to let it air dry for a few hours. However, the majority of nonporous mousepads are ready for immediate use.

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How to Clean Mouse pad of Fabric or Cloth

Most people prefer the feel of fabric and cloth mousepads, but they can be hard to clean. Due to oil and dirt becoming embedded in the fabric, it becomes more difficult to remove than nonporous materials.

Submerge your mouse pad fully in a sink or container full of warm water. After the mousepad is wet, rub a small dish soap onto the surface. Unlike harsher cleaning chemicals, dish soap can cut through grease without harming it.

Scrub at the surface with a soft brush, working the soap into the fabric to dislodge any oil or dirt trapped. Depending on the stain, you may need to repeat this process a few times.

Remove the soap from the mousepad by rinsing it in water. The water might need to be changed if you add too much soap. After you observe a clean mouse pad, shake it and pat it with a dry cloth to make it as dry as possible.

After you have completely dried the mousepad, let it air dry. The mousepad should be set down on a flat surface, and avoid pegging it so it may deform when it dries. It may take a day or two for the paint to dry before being used again completely.

How to Clean Mouse pad with Wired/RGB Powered

The RGB lighting is available on some mousepads, while others provide wireless power to peripherals like mice. When cleaning these, you must take care not to damage the electronic components inside. Unlike fabric pads, this type of mousepad should not be submerged.

Take a soft (ideally microfiber) cloth and soak it in warm water after unplugging the mousepad. To avoid dampening your mousepad too much, apply a small amount of dish soap to the cloth and then remove as much excess water as possible.

Using the cloth, scrub as much dirt and grease as you can from the surface of the pad. Then, repeat this process until your mousepad looks clean again, being careful not to drip too much water on it. Afterward, rinse out the cloth thoroughly and use it to wipe your mouse pad clean.

Allow the mouse pad to dry so that no moisture drips onto the electronic components. SteelSeries recommends the QcK Prism mousepad be placed “right side up,” so use your best judgment for your particular model.

Can You clean Mouse pad in a Washing Machine?

It might be safer to hand wash according to the instructions above to be safe, as some fabric mousepads will survive washing in the machine just fine. Glorioso uses dish detergent instead of washing detergent in its mousepads, runs a cold cycle, avoids using heavy spin cycles, and air-dries the pads (and not tumble-dries them) for about a day.

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