How to Change Mouse Sensitivity on Windows 10 or 11- Enjoy smoothness

A mouse with a poor sensitivity setting might require you to pick it up repeatedly to move across the screen. Overly sensitive mice can make clicking difficult. Let’s look at how you can adjust sensitivity of mouse .

Change Mouse Sensitivity
How to Change Mouse Sensitivity

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Settings

By clicking the Start button, you can change the sensitivity of your mouse. To find the mouse settings, type “Mouse settings” in the search bar and click Enter. An interface for setting the mouse will appear. The mouse pointer speed can be adjusted using the slider labeled “Mouse pointer speed.”. This window can now be closed.

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity in Control Panel

Alternatively, you can adjust it through the Control Panel. Select the Start button and type “control panel” into the search box to access the control panel. Click “Open” or enter the “control panel.”

Search for “Mouse” in the control panel’s search bar.

Click here to change your mouse pointer speed and display once you have run the search.

You can adjust the slider labeled “Select a pointer speed” by clicking the “Pointer Options” tab in the Mouse Properties window. The Control Panel and Mouse Properties window can now be closed.

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How to Adjust The Sensitivity of Gaming Mice

Windows 10 & 11 provide settings that can control all mice. Many gaming enthusiasts and professional mice come with special software to adjust the sensitivity and buttons. The Windows mouse sensitivity slider should be left in the middle if you use the mouse software specific to your mouse.

You can download software for some of the most popular mice by clicking on the links below.

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • SteelSeries
  • Microsoft

Look in your Start menu for the name of your mouse manufacturer if you have a utility from your mouse manufacturer installed.

Holding the mouse steady and making carefully controlled small movements requires a high level of muscle tension in the hand and forearm. Precision mouse work can result in more hand and forearm discomfort.

By using a mouse feature called acceleration or enhancing precision, you can reduce the strain of performing precise mouse work. The mouse will travel more slowly when you make small movements when you use this setting. The following are some advantages and disadvantages:


C Getting precise positioning is easier with C Getting precise positioning is easier with it. You can also move the mouse faster than before to cover large distances rather than moving it further. If the mouse speed is set slower, you will generally feel less strain on your wrists and forearms.


Sometimes the pointer will move slowly, and it will move quickly. It takes some getting used to. The mouse may not move to where you expect it to sometimes, which can be annoying and unpredictable.

Should you use Enhanced Precision or Acceleration? This process depends on your preferences. You recommend that you try out the feature for a while and then change the settings back to normal if you do not like it.

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