Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Despite Windows 11’s rapid rise, most of us are still running Windows 10 for the foreseeable future, and it is expected to remain the leading desktop OS for quite some time. In addition, you’ll always learn something new, regardless of how often you use it. Here are the Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10.

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10
Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

You may not be a power user and have switched to Windows from macOS. No matter how comfortable you are with Windows 10, these tips can enhance your experience. It is possible to perform some of these tricks for an earlier version of Windows, but some are unique to this version.

Hidden Start Menu

Those who still prefer that old-school Start menu experience (i.e., without tiles) can still have it (sort of). By right-clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner, you’ll find a textual jump menu with standard options such as Apps & Features, Search, and Run. These options are all accessible through the traditional menu, but they are more quickly accessible here.

Display Desktop Button

You don’t have to minimize every open window when you want to see the desktop. At the right-hand corner of the taskbar, there is a secret button. Is it not visible? See everything on the page, including the date and time, beyond the bottom and right. There is an invisible button just below the sliver. It minimizes all open windows at once; it brings them all back when you click it again.

You can also minimize the window when you hover over the button rather than clicking it. Turn the switch to Turn on peek to preview the desktop under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar after choosing your preferences.

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The search will now include enhanced results.

Using Settings > Search > Searching Windows may help you speed up PC searches in Windows. Switch to Classic search, which only searches the desktop and libraries. The Enhanced option will index your whole computer, which is more time-consuming and requires more power. If necessary, you can exclude specific folders from the search. If necessary, you can exclude specific folders from the search.

Get Rid of Messes

This little trick is essential for Windows 7 users. You can minimize all the windows on a large screen by simply grabbing the top of the window you desire and shaking it to reduce the clutter. Still not convinced? Do it one more time, and the windows will return.

Activate Slide to Shutdown.

Windows 10 tablets and touchscreen computers have a nice feature that allows you to slide down to shutdown, but the feature isn’t available on any PC running the operating system. The command can be run as an executable file in a few different ways, but creating a desktop shortcut seems logical.

Select New > Shortcut from the shortcut menu. Then enter SlideToShutDown as the location of your file in the resulting pop-up window. Create a desktop icon by renaming the file and clicking Finish. Then select Properties by right-clicking the file. Then, type in one or more shortcut keys and click Apply to save.

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