7 Interesting Features of iPhone 11 You Might Not Know Yet

For over a decade, Apple has been changing the face of technology with its elegant and sleek devices. Clean, solid hardware and an intuitive user interface made earlier iPhones popular among users. Let’s face it – we all have been amazed by iPhones from afar. Here are the 7 Interesting Features of iPhone 11 You Might Not Know Yet.

7 Interesting Features of iPhone 11 You Might Not Know Yet

The iPhone maker announced its latest models in September. The newest group of smartphones are the new iPhone 11 and the dearer iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

IPhone 11 is the best option for those who have a leaner wallet in terms of cost. However, the 11 Pro and Pro Max both feature enhanced features and are more expensive. New features and software updates are available for the phones. You might have missed these highlights and facts:

Tone control

Your device’s display can be toned down using True Tone. True Tone automatically adjusts the screen’s color temperature to your surrounding environment. In other words, it makes the collection more comfortable to view and eliminates the blue tint that often accompanies electronic displays. You will have less strain on your eyes if you spend a lot of time staring at screens.

Use the night mode instead

Apple’s Night Mode is a much-anticipated feature that helps photographers take good photos in low light conditions. A new night mode is integrated into the iPhone 11 camera that automatically activates to brighten images in low light. Some shots will be taken using stabilization, according to Apple. Among the pictures are noise-free pictures, muted colors, and pictures with no motion blur. Taking photos on your night out has never been easier, thanks to the iPhone 11!

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Touch screen interface

Unlike the previous iPhone, the latest iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max feature Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch. The pressure sensitivity of 3D Touch is not present in Haptic Touch. There are some notable differences between 3D Touch gestures and Haptic Touch gestures.

For example, the iOS keyboard can be used as a cursor with 3D Touch. The space bar is required to use HD Touch. Initially, you might feel like these adjustments are slowing you down, but eventually, you won’t notice the difference!

Taking quick action

Sometimes, a fast camera on a smartphone is all you need not miss a critical moment in this day and age! QuickTake lets you switch instantly to video when you are in photo mode.

As a result, you don’t have to switch between the video and camera modes. QuickTake mode on the iPhone 11 is powered by a chip called A13 Bionic, which can automatically track moving objects.

It also supports fast charging

Its upgraded counterparts feature fast charging, but the iPhone 11 does not. From zero to 50 percent power, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max should charge in 30 minutes! Apple has built the necessary hardware into the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, the latest Apple device powered by a higher-power charger.

Wi-Fi 6

Enjoy streaming videos and playing online games? Apple’s new iPhone 11 series offers Wi-Fi 6 for faster internet connectivity! Gigabit per second data transmission speeds has been developed with improved connectivity. Users can enjoy better online experiences with faster wireless internet.

Charge your devices wirelessly

Apple has built wireless charging coils into the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max to provide seamless wireless charging. Qi is the standard used for this process. Most people are familiar with Qi technology. There are Qi chargers for many Android phones. You can also use licensed Qi chargers for charging your phone wirelessly. You can charge anywhere, anytime!

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